How We Do What We Do with Concrete


Q1. What is the difference between “pre-cast” and “cast-in-place” countertops?

Pre-cast countertops are fabricated in our shop to exact specifications, architectural drawings, and a template that we make on your site. Cast-in-place is a method whereby the contractor assembles the forms (molds) directly on the cabinets at the customer’s site. Concepts in Concrete does not make cast-in-place pieces.

Q2. Do you make templates for all jobs?

Except for standard pieces without sink or plumbing cutouts, we make templates at your site for all jobs

Q3. How do I get an estimate?

Just call, email us, or use the CONTACT US form on this website. We will send someone to your location to answer any questions you have, show you samples and photos and take measurements. When we have all the information we will create a detailed estimate in our offices and return to discuss it with you in about a week.

Q4. What is the lead time for a job?

Lead time is generally 3 to 4 weeks from the time we are able to create the templates on your in-place cabinets. Lead time may be less for smaller pieces that don’t require templates.

Q5. How long a piece can you cast? What if I need a longer countertop?

We can cast pieces up to 120” in length and 30” in width. Longer spans require seaming, which is done on site. Generally we do a “square edge” seam using color matched silicone or epoxy. A “puzzle” seam is also possible at extra cost.

Q6. What type sinks can I have installed?

You can choose integral sinks in many standard styles as well as custom designed, including “apron or farm” sinks. You can also choose a drop-in, under mount, or apron sink and we will design the countertop to accommodate it. Additionally, we can create a vessel sink that matches your decoration.