Choosing Concrete

Things to Know About Choosing Concrete


Q1. Why choose concrete for your new surface?

The simple answer is that concrete is completely custom from start to finish. Essentially if you can imagine it, we can probably build it. You and your designer will have greater flexibility to create interesting inspired designs with unlimited size, shape, edges, color, and finish. This means that your surface, whether a counter top, a sink, or a vertical surface, will be a one of a kind creation handcrafted just for you.

Q2. What are the advantages of using concrete countertops?

In addition to custom design and handcrafting, concrete has many other advantages.
Practical: Concrete is remarkably easy to maintain, it’s not prone to staining when properly sealed. Of course, as with any countertop such as, composites, granite, or laminates, you wouldn’t want to cut on it or place hot pots directly on the surface.
Versatile: Because each piece is hand crafted to the buyer’s specifications, it can be created to enhance any style or purpose, whether old-world classic, elegant modern, a kitchen in an 18th C farmhouse, big-city bar or restaurant.
Tactile (visual texture): Concrete surfaces invite you to touch them because each has a character of its own that is fabricated into the surface itself.
Green (eco-friendly): Choosing concrete is a way of helping the environment. At every step, CinC is taking care of the environment. We reuse bits of glass for terrazzo and other materials for inlays. We use biodegradable SCR (Super Concrete Renovator) by Surecrete Design Products. Our countertops are locally made within a few miles of your home or business – no long distance shipping. And, if for any reason you no longer want your counter top (why wouldn’t you?), the materials are completely recyclable.
Perfectly Imperfect (see Wabi-Sabi): Because concrete is composed of many materials (a heterogeneous mixture), each hand-crafted piece will display subtle variations in color, shade, texture, and overall appearance. These features are what make your piece personalized and unique.

Q3. Are there any disadvantages?

While there are very few disadvantages regarding appearance, design considerations, or installation, currently the biggest problem is in finding professional concrete craftsmen to help you or your designer to understand the properties of concrete and to help you make the best choices for you. Additionally, because each piece is hand crafted and finished to exacting buyer design and specifications, there may be a bit longer lead time than with other surfaces.