Care and Maintenance

Easy to Love – Care and Maintenance of Your Concrete


Q1. Can I cut directly on concrete?

You should never cut on a concrete counter top, or any other kind, such as granite, laminate or composite. You should always use a cutting board.

Q2. What about surface staining?

Our countertops are sealed with a 2-part sealer that penetrates the concrete and provides a dense, stain-resistant surface that will not peel or chip.

Q3. Can I put hot pots directly on the surface?

This is not recommended; use either a hot pad or a trivet. If you want, we can design a permanent trivet into the counter surface.

Q4. How do I clean my new concrete countertops?

Care and maintenance is a dream. Clean up spills as quickly as possible. For general cleaning, use a normal sponge or cloth with warm soapy water. We suggest applying a coat of wax occasionally.

Q5. What if I accidentally chip it?

Like any other surface, even marble or stone, your countertop can be chipped, usually by dropping something hard on the edge. In cases like this, call Concepts in Concrete to see if a repair can be made. For minor scratches or tiny cracks that may appear on the surface over time, call us for an inspection.