Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with Answers

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In this section, you will find many of the questions posed by our customers.  We have faithfully tried to respond in easy-to-follow, direct answers.

If you have other questions or if our answers are not clear, please call us.  Our intention is to make your purchase as satisfying as possible.  Good honest information is the best place to start.

Categories of Questions and Answers

For your convenience, we have grouped the questions into what seems to us to be logical groups (sub pages).  However since people often see things differently, if you can’t fine what you’re looking for, you may want to dry a different sub page.  However, you can call us at anytime for more information.

Choosing Concrete

This section provides some insight into why you would want to choose concrete for you project.

Determining the Cost

This section also helps you compare costs of other high-end materials.

Physical Characteristics

The most obvious physical characteristic is its beauty and naturalness.  This section provides detail on the various elements that make concrete such a perfect choice.


Want to know what the difference is between pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete?  Or maybe, you’d like to know how long it takes to “make” a piece, this is the place to find out.

Care and Maintenance

It’s one thing for us to say it’s “Easy to Love”, but you probably want a little more detail.  Look here.

Finally.  Call us if you have an other questions.  We have answers.