Custom Concrete Sinks

Sinks Everywhere – Bath, Kitchen, Garden – Let us Help you Choose


Deciding on a sink used to be pretty simple: round, rectangle, how deep, metal or compound?  Not anymore.  Concrete has brought a new awareness of the role of sinks in your decoration, whether for bathroom, kitchen, garden, or bar top.

Concrete sinks have style, flair, color, and texture that will flatter your room.  You can install a rugged farm style concrete sink or go in the other direction and add built-in lights or molded-in designs and objects.  The choices are nearly endless.  Visit our showroom where one of our staff will show and describe the possibilities and help you make the best choice for your room.  Your sink can be molded right into your countertop as an integral sink, be installed as a vessel bowl on the contertop or be installed as an undermount sink.  The styles and color combinations are endless.