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Concepts in Concrete – Master Designers

Designs in Concrete – The Basics


It’s not all about being great at building concrete countertops and surfaces.  Equally important, it’s about creating great designs to build from.  Concepts in Concrete are the Masters of Designs in Concrete. Take a look; you’ll be amazed at the ideas we present.  Also, check out the fun and interesting ideas we present on our other pages such as RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL.

Don’t see something that appeals to you? Just work with our designers to put your dreams into concrete.

And we aren’t limited to what we can show on these pages,  our designers and craftspeople are continually attending classes and learning about new ideas and new techniques to create the perfect designs in concrete countertops, sinks, or decorator items just for you.

The main features for designing in concrete are selections in Colors, Casting Techniques, Edge Details, and sinks.  But these are only the beginning.  The adventure in designs in concrete comes when you meet with our designer to bring your ideas and your flair to reality.

Casting Techniques
Edge Details
Custom Concrete Sinks